Wednesday, 11 April 2018

This Is Why You Should Get The Mosquito Colony by Uduak Nkang

Out of the books we have come across this year, The Mosquito Colony by Uduak Nkang happens to stand out. First it has the best message about malaria, and how it’s crippling our continent, Africa. The author did amazing job by portraying different types of mosquitoes, their effect on human, and their cure, in a way that’s very entertaining and will definitely keep the reader glued to this book.
Below is what the book is really about.

The Mosquito Colony is a blend of fantasy and facts. It blasts into the inner circle of governance and let bear it intrigues, glamour and challenges. It pursues fundamentally the ideology that government is the father of a nation, and must lead in a nation’s quest for greatness. It also x-ray factors militating against the advancement of contemporary African society, from Cairo to Cape Town, from Dakar to Darfur; the soaring scourge of malaria, the glaring realities of imperialism, the weakness of the citizenry and the gains that lies beyond of gate mediocrity, nepotism and greed. This book is intended to spur  all Africans, particularly the young generation towards self-mastery. In a rather subtle but profound manner, The Mosquito Colony pushes for a more united nations of Africa. It is a compendium literary expressions, and perhaps, the first African prose of its kind.