Wednesday, 31 October 2018

Review: Across the Desert

Today I will be discussing Across the Desert by Charles Umerie. This book is not out yet, but I was privileged to read it. The author did an amazing job putting the story together. The book discusses feminism, religion and other social issues we face today. And the author did it within an intriguing story. This is not the type of book you will get tired of reading, because it’s totally something new. The culture and the people are not what we are used to, and you will definitely learn a lot reading this book.

It’s a historical fiction that took place in the 15th century. The author also painted a picture of how people in that era behaved, especially how they treated women. One of the things I learned from the book was that the empire this book was centered on was once the world’s supplier of gold. I also learned that someone from the empire discovered America 200 years before Christopher Columbus.

There are a lot of things to learn in this book, and it’s also a quick read. If you are really into Historical fiction and love movies like Troy or 300, this is a book for you.

That’s all I can share now about this book. Once it’s out, I will do a full review on it.

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