Saturday, 23 July 2016

Meet The Cute Poet From Nigeria

Anyichie Angel Nonye
Anyichie Nonye Angel is in her early 20s, and was born and brought up in Nigeria. She is the mind behind some of the greatest poems we've ever seen. Reading her poems, you could sense her soul and organic content. Here are some we are sharing today, and like we told you, her poems stands out for its clarity of observation and empathetic insight into the suffering and joys of her being and consciousness. Her beauty doesn't just end in her looks; it reflects on her poetry too.

These poems will also be featured in her collection of poetry coming out soon. 


I am alive
I try to do everything to keep my life

Yet the bread break and turn to gravel in my mouth.
Forsaking all counsel, I throw them all out
I embrace my soothing friend who is not fake;
Crying. Till I’m tired and my being ache
This is what I need now not to escape
I will embrace all I feel now and relish it
And live to give it wings tomorrow.
I want to smile now, please ocean, just let it.
The hope is sprouting amidst sorrow
This is the turning and twirling of my life.
This has come now the other flies away,
It is better this way than death and decay.

(Anyichie Nonye Angel/instagram @angeey28)


The only faithful companions I’ve ever had
In this whole world and wide I came to add
Are my leaf and pen.
They have endured my endless probing
And consoled my painful writing and sobbing.
What is my course in this world then?
I ask, Waiting. Endless and hopeful waiting
Waiting and going on, hurting and hiding
Yes, although I wait for the goal
Can’t I be consoled awhile to the roots of my soul?
Who would give comfort and answers
To these turmoil in my being?
My companions, although faithful as I have owned
Cannot help me wait for a fate I do not know.

(Anyichie Nonye Angel/instagram @angeey28)



  1. Dat is my young blood.ever since we were growing up i used to ponder on what will her tomorrow be like.guess i ve seen it now

    1. Thanks big Bro,, God z got our tomorrow

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