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Five Publishers in Nigeria


Tips For Getting The Finest Book Publishing Services

For any creator, writing is a passion. However getting revealed is equally vital. Select a writer who offers you the convenience of being able to observe your book in any respect levels of the publishing process. Go for a publishing house that has qualified and experienced professionals who will care for all the pieces from the cover and interior design to the modifying and promotion of the book.

In order for you your book to be a bestseller, select the publisher wisely. Probably the most necessary considerations is the experience of the editors on the publishing house. Editing services are an integral part of the publishing process. The editor must be able to appreciate the creator's vision for the book and understand his or her writing style. The publishing house should have editors who are delicate to the wants of the author.

You also needs to ensure that the publishing house has a gifted gross sales and marketing crew for promoting your book. Check the monitor record of the publishing firm, particularly with books from an analogous genre. Earlier experiences with a number of publishing houses can also be a very good starting point for choosing the right publisher, in case you are not a primary time author. For these writing their first book publishers offering contract, getting an idea of the previous clients of a publishing firm could be a good indicator of the company's reputation.

Understand all of the implications of the publishing company's contract terms. Opt for phrases which might be favourable to you.

The advance offered to the creator is linked to the worth of his or her book for the publisher. Check the financial terms being offered by the publishing house to see how dedicated they are to your book. Find a writer who shares your vision of your work and respects lifelesslines. Select a company which supplies you management over your book. For many who are keen to experiment with completely different methods of publishing, electronic or digital publishing could also be a good idea.

Opt for a publishing house that's effectively connected to distributors and has demonstrable expertise with books which are much like the one authored by you. Assess the division of income between yourself and the publisher.

Book publishing companies supply a large network of people who could make your work properly known. Imprints of renowned publishers are additionally a good idea for those looking to make their book a world success. Most publishing houses have international offices they usually promote books to multiple countries.

Choose a publishing house that targets the area or inhabitants for which the book is intended. If you want to promote the book worldwide, opt for publishing companies that have a worldwide presence. You must also ensure that you're getting a healthy share of the general gross sales revenue.

Focus on the providers that the publisher is providing you. Consider the basic phases via which the enhancing process will go and the nature of the publicity campaign that will likely be launched to promote your book.Different crucial considerations are the extent of promoting assist, distribution community and pricing technique of the publisher.


 Nigeria Book Publishing Companies That Offer Contract To Authors

5. First Veritas Educational Content Delivery Ltd
 Established by the immediate former Managing Director of Evans Publishers Limited, Gbenro Adegbola, First Veritas Educational Content Delivery is an organization whose focus is strongly bent towards the provision of high quality and cost effective educational services and solutions through innovation to students and other stakeholders in the educational industry.
First Veritas as a firm stands for two things: innovation and top quality publishing. We believe in the years to come, First Veritas will bank on their publishing platform to sell our running comatose cultural identity. Welcome on board, First Veritas.

4 Evans Publishers Limited
   Evans' top quality, educative and affordable books has not  only attracted us, but it has ensured its placement on our prestigious Top Five.
 Evans Brothers Nigeria Publishers Limited has continued to thrive in the development of high quality educational and curriculum based books as well as leisure books. The company has a subsidiary company called Nelson Publishers which it acquired in 2004.
Evans Publishers initiated the 'Inspire Campaign' in 2004. This campaign is a platform adopted to positively impact and add value to all Evans stakeholders namely; students, teachers, booksellers, parents.
We salute you, Evans Publishers.

3     Black Tower Publishers Limited 

Black Tower Publishers Limited was incorporated in Costa Rica in December 1966 and today Black Tower Publishers Nig Ltd (branch) stands among Nigeria’s leading educational and online publishers. They publish books of all kinds; and help writers publish online. They also offer manuscript editing, proofreading, script review, ghostwriting services and publishing contracts.

 2. CassavaRepublic Press

   This is what Cassava Republic Press' refreshing and engaging website have to say about the intecontinental brand:
We set up Cassava Republic in 2006, after a few years of contemplation and planning.  African writers were being increasingly published and read overseas, with little knowledge or availability of this new wave of talent in Nigeria.  The conversation about African writing was taking place elsewhere. Something had to be done.

Seven years later, we are a small but established publishing brand, with a reputation for bringing out high quality fiction and non-fiction for adults and children alike.

Our mission is to change the way we all think about African writing.  We think that contemporary African prose should be rooted in African experience in all its diversity, whether set in filthy-yet-sexy megacities such as Lagos or Kinshasa, in little-known rural communities, in the recent past or indeed the near future.  We also think the time has come to build a new body of African writing that links writers across different times and spaces.

It's therefore the right time to ask challenging questions of African writing - where have we come from, where are we now, where are we going?  Our role is to facilitate and participate in addressing these questions, as our list grows.  We are still just beginning.
Good job, Cassava Republic.

1 Bookcraft Limited

    A friend of mine was saying the other day that Wole Soyinka must have bought a larger percentage of Bookcraft Limited since the company publishes all of his latest titles.

BOOKCRAFT has done well for themselves and the publishing industry, providing upcoming publishing houses the necessary template.What we like about the company? If there is one thing we are eulogizing the firm for, it is their taste of quality which exudes in the packaging and presentation of all of their titles.

Established in Nigeria over twenty years ago, BOOKCRAFT has published a large number of titles in a wide variety of subjects art; biography; history; literature; politics; current affairs; for a growing market of discerning, sophisticated and well educated bibliophiles.
BOOKCRAFT has over the years established a distinctive presence in the book market, the uniquely-packaged, reader-friendly design of our books, quickly becoming an instantly recognizable trademark. Well done, BOOKCRAFT.Congratulations.

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