Saturday, 25 May 2019

Interview with Orezi Saint Emamezi

Over the years we've met a lot authors and other influential people, and today, we will be introducing Orezi Saint Emamezi.

Orezi Saint Emamezi

She's the founder of ELMORE CHRISTO KIDS CLUB. She said the club is a Christian kids' club for kids and teenagers. It is centered on raising kids up in the fear of the Lord, and making them believe in themselves through reading of books and learning new things.

Elmore Christo kids club 
Elmore has an English and French meaning. In English, it means ; 'river bank' or 'ridge'; while in French , it means 'noble' and 'famous'.

The vision of Elmore christo kids club is to keep kids impacting their generation for God. Our mission is to reach out to kids and help them discover their God given potentials.

Our strategies are empowerment programs that focus on 'yes, you can do it'. With God all things are possible.

She said, "I love kids. I am always inspired by their humility and gentleness. Ever since I was taking care of kids during Sunday school sessions in the church, I have been mentoring kids and helping them shape their character positively."

"My mission is to use 'Elmore Christo kids’ to continue mentoring kids and building their characters in order to change the world, making it a better place for the Glory of God.

It nice to have this chat with you.
Please can you share details of your background with us?

Orezi: I was born in the on 23rd of December, 1989, in Warri and hail from Ofagbe Isoko North Local Government, Delta State.  I attended classical International School Warri, Delta State. I love singing, reading, writing and listening to music.

Are you full time into the writing or business? Or do you have a day job or other businesses that you run?

Orezi: I am not a full time writer. I am still studying for my masters (LLm) at the Girne American University.

Please tell us what your writing is about.

Orezi: My writing is about teaching morals and inspiring the younger generations.

What prompted you to write your book?

Orezi: Actually, I was inspired to write 'Victoria' as a result of the quest for victory over life’s challenges.

When did you first notice you love to write?

Orezi: I will answer it this way; I noticed that I could write 8 years ago after I read 'The Purple Hibiscus' by Chimammanda Ngozi Adichie.

What are the obstacles you’ve faced as a writer and how were you able to overcome them?

Orezi: Some of the obstacles I faced while writing are: Noise pollution and the thoughts of the negative effects of piracy on my books. However, I was able to overcome them through the encouragement of family, and also remembering my message in the book, 'Victoria'.

You mentioned piracy. How do you think the government should combat piracy?

Orezi: Well, the government has made some laws like the Copyright Act to help discourage piracy, but the enforcement of these laws are poor. I think that to help writers from the perils of piracy, the government should through the copyrights commission, issue licenses to all publishing companies, and also keep register of all printers in Nigeria. Every book published or printed should bear the license number of registration number of the publisher or printer. This will help to check piracy.

Orezi Saint Emamezi
Orezi Saint Emamezi is the 2016 Girne American University faculty of Law Moot Court Competition First Price Group Winner.
She's also the 2016 African Students Grand Award for Uprising Entrepreneur.

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