Sunday, 24 November 2019

Why You Should Have Your Manuscript Edited

Writing is getting words onto the page, expressing your thoughts and ideas, creating a story. But the process also incorporates a stage often ignored by authors — editing.

The days when you sent a manuscript to a publisher expecting them to work with you are over. While publishers can do edits with an author, it all depends on the author to present their work in the best way it can reflect to the readers how serious they are about their writing.

Many authors, especially those not yet in the professional sphere, will be confident in their writing and not recognize the error in their manuscripts, which is one of the most important aspects of creating a successful novel.

Even the most successful authors in the world use multiple editors to refine their work in the best way.

In recent years it’s increasingly become the author’s job to be their own editor. Knowing you need an editor is half the battle, and making efforts to find the most professional editor for your work is all that’s left. Black Tower Publishers has years’ experience of helping authors shape their drafts into manuscripts that are ready to be published.

There are a number of stages in editing. The first and most important stage is the structural edit, where plot, story, character, pacing and voice will all be considered. This is the main area BlackTower Editors focus on. By working on these aspects first, it ensures the book as a whole is solid, entertaining, and appealing to the public. Therefore, this is where the author will spend most of their editing time. When this process is complete, an author might think about publishing their work.

Once the manuscript has been edited, the author might consider the secondary editorial process, which is proofreading. This is not compulsory, since Black Tower makes sure your manuscript is 99% error free. This secondary editorial process can be easily done by the author. It focuses on finding minor errors like typing mistakes.

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