Sunday, 8 December 2019

Get Published Today!


Printing and delivery of your book will cost between N550,000 to N650,000 (40,000 words manuscript and 1000 copies).

This might be difficult for some people, and that’s why we developed Hybrid Publishing. This option is a combination of traditional publishing and self-publishing. This option is mostly for those that can't afford our printing cost. This option will allow them to print elsewhere at cheaper rate, and still use our name and logo as publisher.

1. Before we give authorization for this option, the client must send their work, and we go through it to make sure it meets our standard.
2. After publishing elsewhere, 5-10 copies must be sent to us for marketing purpose. It can be sent through agent.

Benefits of Hybrid Publishing:
1. Authorization letter to use our name and logo on your work.
3. Submission to book contests and awards like 9mobile Literary Contest and Caine Prize
4. Blog posts/interview.
5. SMS campaign. One page SMS will be sent to 3000 readers nationwide. You can provide us with up to 300 numbers as well.
6. Your profile and bookstores to get your book will be listed on our website.
7. 20-30 seconds video of short positive review of your work by one of our reviewers (Caucasian male/female, British/American accent).
COST: N85,000. (Ghana: C1,275).

For more information on our publishing options, kindly contact Black Tower Publishers.

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