Sunday, 31 December 2017

The Importance Of An Author Website

Maybe you’re just starting out on your writing path. Or maybe you’re a prolific writer that’s been around for years. No matter who you are or where you are on your publishing path, a website can benefit any writer. How can it help you?

Let People See You.
If your website is well organized and clean, it gives visitors a way to learn all about you and your writing quickly and painlessly. People like easy, so make it easy for your audience to find you and get to know you.

This is where most writers make mistake. If you aren’t a huge blogger / tweeter/ poster, then a website will still allow you to connect with your readers or anyone who is interested in you. It's important your website has features that allow people to comment about your book. It will help build buzz, and also attract more readers to the author. Your website should also give them a way to contact you directly, either by an online form or via an e-mail address.

You Are A Business. Act Like One.
Have you ever googled a business to discover it didn’t have a website? Did you wonder if the company was even legit? Did you reconsider giving them your business? Why should you be any different as a writer? Writing is your business. If you have a weak or absent presence on the web, how are your customers supposed to take you seriously? A website is just another strong way to create that presence. It sends the message that you are legit and you’re not going anywhere. And mostly importantly, your author website shouldn't be used for any other purpose. Some authors after seeing they are getting traffic to their websites, they try to make money of the website by placing ads on it. This move usually leads to drop in traffic, because the main purpose of the site has been replaced with ads that has nothing to do with the author or their writing.

Short On Time.
Ultimately, the most important thing for a writer to do is write. A website allows you to maintain a presence without sacrificing what little time you might have to dedicate to your art. How would you rather spend your time? Remember. Write, write, write. And if you’ve finished your novel, the best way to promote yourself is to write another one. Let your website speak for you.

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